Mail Box Drop Safe




20″ (508 mm)
30″ (762 mm)
20″ (508 mm)


19 1/2″ (495 mm)
8″ (203 mm)
15″ (381 mm)

Bottom Interior:

19 1/2″ (495 mm)
12″ (305 mm)
15″ (381 mm)


290 lbs (132 kg)
Mail Box Drop Safe – Size 5 (MB3020)
SKU: MB3020


In store operations, you need a secure environment for your cash. Our postal-style depository safes provide a convenient and reliable form of security from theft and shrinkage in your retail setting. Easy under-the-counter installation means that your safe is in a location that promotes operational efficiency. The mail box drop enables you to easily make bank bag type drops. The mailbox is designed to accept bulky drops and deposit them into the safe. This allows you to make those types of drops without opening the main door to the safe.

The safe is fit with either one or two electronic locks, one for each compartment. Each electronic lock is programmable with unique user codes, limiting access to only those who are authorized. Some models have locks that will also allow you the capability to set a time delay, further deterring theft and armed robbery. All of these features, coupled with outstanding customer service and live technical support when you need it, give you the confidence that you seek.


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