Drop Drawers Safe




20 1/4″ (514 mm)
28″ (711 mm)
16″ (406 mm)


19 1/2″ (495 mm)
12 1/2″ (318 mm)
14 1/2″ (368 mm)

Bottom Interior:

19 1/2″ (495 mm)
15 1/4″ (387 mm)
14 1/2″ (368 mm)


270 lbs (122 kg)
Drop Drawer Safes – Size 2
SKU: CS2820


Keep your cash or vital assets safe even while they are close-at-hand with a Drop Drawer Safe that is easy to use and includes the same great security advantages as the rest of FireKing’s offerings. The B-rate safe combined with this quick drop drawer will give you the ability to make envelope size drops. The drop drawer design is the most “fish” resistant way of protecting deposits; the “anti-fish” baffles makes it a deterrent to this type of attack.


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